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Personally, I am into sunset pictures- this one definitely gets my vote:
Sunset while on watch

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Wednesday 25th July 2001

At 0645 Tuesday morning TENACIOUS weighed anchor and proceeded up the cut to Boston in Lincs where there were lots of people on the banks, waving as we went past. Once alongside, the crew departed and we had the Mayor and staff and some press onboard for a look around. In the evening, when the water was high enough, we cleared the lock and returned to sea. Again, there were lots of people on the banks. Thank you for coming to see us. We're on our way to Amsterdam - yes, I know we've been there quite a bit recently - but this time we'll not be in the centre of town, we're going to work!! The ship is going to dock down for some maintenance - and I'm going on some well-deserved leave (well I think its well-deserved anyway!), so Aussie Steve will be writing the website for the next week or so.

Simon Cattison, 2nd Mate

Tuesday 24 July 2001

Today has been a really lively, fun day. We started running boats ashore about 0930 and brought everyone back for a barbeque lunch on board. Unfortunately, the tides precluded lunch on the beach, but whilst ashore, the waterfights started. Lunch was followed by harbour stows and clearing up, during which an awful lot of water seemed to end up on people rather than the deck! Sue, the Medical Purser, that picture of innocence, proved really quite dangerous with a hose - and then claimed to be totally unaware of getting anyone. Well, at least the deck's now clean. We're motoring round into the Wash just now, heading for an anchorage in Boston Deep - yes, there is a Boston in UK too! In the morning - at about 0630 - we'll weigh and proceed to the Pilot Station before arriving in Boston at about 0900.

Simon Cattison, 2nd Mate

Friday 20th July

Tenacious left London on the afternoon of 18 Jul. We motored down the river and anchored off Southend again when the tide turned against us. Originally, we had planned to continue, but the wind was on the nose - contrary to the forecast - so we settled in for a quiet night. On Thursday morning, things were looking much more favourable and as we left the Thames Estuary, we were able to start sailing properly. It was a day of good sailing, interspersed with some pretty violent showers and a few squalls. All in all though, the wind was generally in the right direction and we had to reduce sail progressively during the evening to prevent too early an arrival. We entered the lock just before 1000 in fairly gusty conditions and then proceeded up the canal to Amsterdam. We're 1 berth down from where we were last week, so quite a few of us know the area now! The crew are off ashore this afternoon for an educational tour - and a spot of window shopping no doubt - and most of the PC are finishing jobs and getting ready for our own tour this evening.

Simon Cattison, 2nd Mate

Wednesday 18th July 2001

We've had a very busy period in London. I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but at least 500 people came to see around the ship and about £900 was donated over the few days. The new Voyage Crew joined at lunchtime and we're off down the river, heading for Amsterdam. At the moment, its warm and sunny, with light airs. Hopefully the wind will come up as forecast, from the north-west, which will allow us a decent sail. Well, just a few words today, more tomorrow!

Simon Cattison, 2nd Mate

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Tenacious berthed at HMS President 18 July 2001

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Martin 29 July 2001

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