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Note added 20th January 2007

It has come to my attention that some spammers are circulating emails containing viruses and trojans using the domain name of this site as the sending email address. These emails are not from me or my computer and my address is being spoofed.

I would like to apologise, but it is a little difficult to do so, because I have not done anything wrong and the messages are NOT originating from my computer or IP address. It is a bit like the high-tech version of identity theft.


Not Macca's best ever song, but I think the video is a fantastic piece of nostalgia. Enjoy!

New family pictures

New Page Added 23 January 2006

A new page of family orientated pictures has been added to this site. The page may be viewed by clicking here.

Summer Barbecue

On Saturday July 30th 2005, Janet and Marke Lane very kindly hosted a barbecue at their home in Northchurch Common. Me and a number of Marke's work colleagues attended (and had a great time), along with some of Janet and Marke's neighbours.

Some galleries of photographs from the afternoon are available to view here. It will be very apparent that the afternoon took on the atmosphere of a village fete. Thank you Janet and Marke for your generous hospitality.

What is Up to Date?

Currently, the areas of the site that are most up to date are the Film Review and Destinations sections.

As mentioned above, some of the picture galleries are in need of a Refresh- 'Destinations' is included in that category.

Please do email me using the above button if you have any comments, feedback or suggestions.

Thank you.



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